Jan 13

Montgomery County Office of Public Health Makes COVID-19 Vaccinations Available to Residents Over 65

As of January 12, 2021, the Montgomery County, Pennsylvania Office of Public Health is making COVID-19 vaccinations available to county residents who are over age 65. Included in the notice is a link for individuals who are eligible to pre-register for the vaccine.

Jun 15

The Soda Tax in Court

This guest post was authored by Brandon Matsnev, a summer associate with Montgomery McCracken. The Philadelphia Beverage Tax, commonly referred to as the “Soda Tax,” has unleashed vigorous political debate. The legislation, implemented January 1, 2017, taxes soda distributors 1.5 cents per ounce of soda sold… Read More

Jun 30

Material Interest Necessary to Obtain Decedent’s Tax Return

This guest post was authored by Mara Smith, a summer associate with Montgomery McCracken. For the last three years, you have spent one weekend during each of the summer months at your favorite great-aunt’s beachfront home in a swanky community at the Jersey Shore.  Also, you… Read More